Simple Text based Travel Budget Planning

Copy and paste travel itineraries from friends, blogs, chatgpt. Annotate links with attributes such as multi currency budgets and categories. Publish it with a nice layout and budget analytics to share.

Manage a perfect budget. Make your trip sweeter.

Rearrange plans by cut and paste easily

Making a perfect plan is tough, do not worry if you keep changing your mind, rearranging plans are as simple as cutting and pasting text. You will still be able to publish a nice itinerary plan once you are done.

Support for multicurrency and multicategory budgeting

Add any web links to your plan, and it will allow you to assign a budget to it. You can add hotels, restaurants, places of interest with the total budget spent in currencies all over the world and it will be totaled based on your base currency and latest exchange rates.

Load super fast in mobile and web

Once you have published your itinerary plan, load it up on mobile and web at high speed. Add as much detailed information, extremely convenient during your travels.